It’s a dog’s life

We welcome many dogs at Wallops Wood Cottages and we can safely say that “a dog’s life” is usually better than our own!

Pepper loves coming to wallops Wood Cottages!

Many of us who in the team own dogs and on the farm estate where there are some 50 odd businesses who work all around us. Many of them bring dogs to work. it’s great to get a cuddle when they come by. Owners bring them to work and they can enjoy amazing walks all around the estate.

Dogs are part of our family and we want to make sure guests can bring their four legged companions with them on holidays.

Welcome basket

It’s not always easy for the housekeeping team. After a dog has visited us, the cottage has to be deep cleaned. All the lovely things we offer in our welcome basket are cleaned and sanitised ready for the next arrival. Unless it’s the toy and treat which obviously they get to play with and keep!

Wallops Wood welcome basket

Sometimes we also have some challenges.

Like the time George the terrier decided he wanted to become Houdini! Not only was he going to dig the escape route out of his fenced garden, but he was going to dig tunnels in every garden of every cottage! George the escapologist, obviously wanted company and his other four legged friends, also on holiday, were not going to say no! Luckily they were all wearing their Wallops Wood collar tags.

Houdini time

Houdini and his posse, were all found a few hours later on different parts of the estate. Safe and sound, back to a hot shower and a cuddle by the wood burners. The team of handymen and gardeners spent a few hours filling in the tunnels and making sure the fences were ok!

Houdini and his friends loved their romp around the fields”

Bubbles was chewing rather than blowing bubbles.

Then there was Bubbles the French Bulldog. She mistook the chair leg for her bone and had a great time shredding it into tiny pieces! The owners were worried, they had not seen or heard Bubbles for a while! They thought she was sleeping in one of the bedrooms!

So the damaged chair was exchanged for another one. Bubbles was given a real bone and the owners were relieved she had not swallowed any of the wood!

Thermostatically controlled shower for mucky pups!

It’s a dog’s life at Wallops Wood Cottages . Taking your best friend with you on holiday is the perfect way to enjoy long walks in the beautiful countryside. You can play with them on our large lawn just outside your cottage gardens.