Swimming Pool

Please note our pool is open for all our guests from 9am to 6.45pm - at this time we ask everyone to book their own 45 min slots per cottage each day.  When you first arrive at the cottages, feel free to book your own swimming slot for the next day!

As you go through on the main doors of the swimming pool, there are two boards. Please use the boards to book your slot a day in advance.

The toilets and changing room are not open and we ask that everyone get changed and showered in their own cottage. Please remember to bring your own pool towels! 

Thank you for your support!

Our 13 x 6 metre accessible swimming pool has an integrated jacuzzi, is 1.45 metres deep and heated to a lovely 30-31°. Perfect for both exercise and play!

The pool and jacuzzi are level decked, the water being level with the surrounding poolside. Both have disabled access via a hoist. There are 9 gentle steps with a handrail leading in to the swimming pool, perfect accessibility for our guests.

There is underfloor heating around the perimeter of the pool and in the changing rooms which will keep your toes warm. An acoustic ceiling offers a sound-proofing environment. There is a shower in the pool area to rinse yourself before and after using the amenities.

Poolside Facilities

  • an accessible bathroom with shower and seat, toilet and wheelchair height sink. Numerous grab rails
  • a changing room with a separate cubicle for families which has a seat and a shower
  • a shower room
  • a separate toilet
  • numerous lockers and a seat

The pool can be enjoyed by our guests every day of the week, from 9am to 6.45pm in 45 mins slots.  We may close the pool for an hour during the day when cleaning takes place, but we aim to minimise downtime as much as possible.

You may see Robbie the Robot doing some cleaning. He is our pool robot. Just ignore him, we all do, you can still enjoy swimming whilst he is doing his 'thing'!

The sauna and steam room are not open to guests as per government guidelines due to Covid-19. Thank you for your understanding.

Families and accessible guests

Mum and daughter at Wallops Wood playing in the pool

We apologise, currently not available due to the Covid-19 situation.

We have installed a family changing room with a shower, making it easy to get all the children changed and ready to enjoy their time in the pool.

We have an accessible changing room with a shower and emergency pull cord and a toilet for our accessible guests. It is large enough to welcome wheelchair users and a carer too.

We have a separate shower room and a separate toilet which ensures all our guests can use the facilities at any time of the day.

We also provide lockers, hooks and a bench to sit on, so it's very comfortable.

Please do bring your own pool towel -  our towels are for bathroom use only, thank you!

Our Sauna

As per government guidelines the Sauna room is not open to our guests for the moment.
We thank you for your understanding!

We have installed an infrared sauna for your enjoyment.

Visible, ultra-violet and infra are all part of the light spectrum known as EMR (electron magnetic radiation). Each type has different wave lengths that have specific properties. Infra-red rays stimulate the skin with a warming and heating sensation.

For most people the effect of infra-red heat on the skin is for the skin pores to open, superficial blood vessels dilate and the blood begins to circulated more quickly, causing perspiration. Breathing and heat rate increase.

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water before and after your sauna session to avoid dehydration. If you shower after your sauna, it is best to rinse off with clean water ie, without soap or shampoo.

Please do not lean against the red panels, they get very hot.

If you need help or want a demonstration, please ask a member of staff.

The sauna is inside the indoor swimming pool complex and can be enjoyed from 8am to 8pm.

How to Use the Sauna

Infra-red Operation
Press the on/off button on the key pad to switch the cabin on. The red power LED will be red and the heat LED will be green
To set the time, press SET once, then use the up and down arrow buttons until the required time is displayed, press ENTER to confirm
To set the temperature, press SET twice, then use the up and down arrow buttons until the required temperature is displayed, press ENTER to confirm. Once the required temperature is reached the heat LED will switch off and the temperature LED will switch on
Please Note: We recommend setting the cabin temperature to around 60 degree centigrade in order to obtain the most benefit from the infrared emitters
The light button on the key pad will switch on the cabin’s white lights, and will activate the chromo-therapy light button
To activate the chromo-therapy lights, press the blue button to switch the lights on, pushing again to cycle through the colours, one setting will allow the lights to automatically cycle.
About Infra-red Sauna Bathing
Unlike a traditional sauna where the air is heated to an elevated temperature, in an infrared sauna the rays pass through the air and directly stimulate the body. Accordingly the air temperature measured on a thermometer will be much less in an infra-red cabin. And it is not necessary to warm up the cabin for any length of time before you start using it.

The infra-red rays are only transmitted when the emitters are glowing red. When the set temperature is reached, the thermostat will cut off the power to the emitters and they will stop glowing.

A few words of caution
Important Warnings

Do not use the sauna if you are under the influence of alcohol or have just eaten a heavy meal. Do not use the sauna without prior medical advice if any of the following are applicable to you:

Elderly person
Heart disease
Skin disorder that is aggravated by heat
Any other complaint of which you are unsure about taking a sauna
Heart or blood pressure disorders
Diabetic or suffer from excess fluid retention
Remove all jewellery and metal objects from your body. These will heat up quickly and could burn you
Avoid using the sauna room immediately after strenuous exercise
Leave the sauna room at once if you feel sleepy, sick or uncomfortable
This sauna is not recommended for children under 16 years old unless they are supervised by an adult
The sauna is not intended for use by people (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use by a person responsible for their safety
We recommend a maximum single session time of 15 minutes. And a maximum of three sessions of 15 minutes in any 2-hour period
If you are using this infra-red sauna for the first time or have recently taken medication that could sensitise your skin, a test session of more than 10 minutes should be taken to check for any diverse skin reaction before using the sauna again

Our Steam Room

As per government guidelines the Steam room is not open to our guests for the moment.
We thank you for your understanding!

Our steam room is located in our indoor swimming pool complex, next to the infrared sauna (which unfortunately is currently closed due to Covid-19).

Please do read the instructions on the door to ensure you can use the steam room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 Preparing to Re-Open Safely

We have prepared a Covid-19 charter for your to read through.

Click HERE 

We are extremely proud of our National Awards and our housekeeping team is second to none. We are often praised for our cleaning and level of service, so please do visit our page where you will find all the information.

If you need to speak to someone and discuss anything please feel free toc all us at any time on 01489-878888 - please bear with us whilst we try to cope with very high levels of enquiries at the moment! 

You can also email us on [email protected] 

What's your contact details?

You can contact us in a number of ways. We are open Monday to Friday 9-5pm.  

Our contact details are here on our website.

Our telephone number is 01489-878888

Our email address is [email protected]

Our Facebook page where you can send us a message is https://www.facebook.com/WallopsWoodCottages/ 



How can I book a property?

You are reading this text so therefore you are most likely on the website already! The easiest way to book is online with our booking engine.

After you have looked at the CHECK AVAILABILITY button on the top of each page of our website for each of our cottages, check out our cottages on the Cottages page. We have eight cottages, each is different, sleeps form 4 people to 8 people and some are also accessible. 

Once you have made your selection ad chosen the best cottage for your holiday, click on the red button BOOK NOW also on the top of each page of our website.

The red boxes signify booked and not available, the green boxes signify available to book, the yellow and green sliced boxes signify midweek availability and the green and red sliced boxes signify changeover day.

Choose the property you are interested in and the booking engine will take you through different stages including taking your deposit.

Or you can also call us on 01489-878888 and speak to our bookings team for any special request or alternative booking dates. You can also email us on [email protected] and our bookings team will be able to help you.

What are the change over days?

Our change over days or start days are Mondays and Fridays. However you may enjoy a midweek break too, just check your availability grid . The red boxes signify booked and not available, the green boxes signify available to book, the yellow and green sliced boxes signify midweek availability and the green and red sliced box signifies changeover day.

Can I start my holiday on a different day than offered on the website?

Yes, you may be able to book an alternative day, just call our bookings team on 01489-878888 and tell us which property you are interested in booking, the date, for how many people and how long for, we will do our best to accommodate you. 

What time is check in and check out?

Check in time is from 5pm onwards and check out time is before 9am on the day you leave.

We need to be strict with these timelines as we have a small housekeeping team and all cottages are cleaned to the highest standard. We cannot have guests on site before arrival time because there are trolleys and cleaning equipment on the site. Also all wooden floors might still be wet and cannot be walked on. Therefore we need to ensure that our health and safety procedure is adhered to. 

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes – we ask for 30% deposit to secure your booking. If you are arriving at Wallops Wood Cottages within 8 weeks, the full amount will need to be paid. If your arrival is in more than 8 weeks, we ask for a 30% deposit and the balance to be paid 8 weeks prior to arrival.

We also ask for a refundable breakages charge of £250.00 per cottage. This is payable with the balance. 

Please do consult our Terms and Conditions for more details. 

What is the refundable breakages charge?

We ask for £250.00 refundable breakages charge per cottage that is booked. This is payable with the balance payment prior to your arrival.

This is to cover any breakages during your stay. If you break a few glasses or a plate, we would not look to recover the cost of this, after all, accidents do happen! 

Housekeeping will report back to us after you have left with any damages or missing items and we will deduct this from your charge. The breakages charge will be refunded within 7 days after your stay.

We will of course always email you first with the information.

What if I cancel?

We will require written notice of the cancellation by the person who booked the accommodation by phone and confirmed in writing or by email. 

We will use our best endeavours to re-let your booking, but will not be bound to accept any booking for your property, especially if we have alternative properties available. For cancellations where we are able to re-let: 

If a deposit has been paid this will be refunded, less an administration fee of £25.00. 

If the final balance payment has been made we will refund you our final letting price (which may be less than you paid), less an administration fee of £25.00. 

If we are unable to re-let there will be no refund under any circumstances and you will still be responsible for the full rental cost. 

Cancellation Insurance is not compulsory but we strongly recommend such insurance to protect against the cancellation penalty. We do offer Booking Refund Protection via Booking Protect and further details are found in the booking section of our website.

Please do read our Terms and Conditions for more details.

What about booking Insurance?

We offer booking insurance through booking Protect, this is explained in the booking form when you make a booking. This is not offered by Wallops Wood Cottages but by a third party, so please read the information carefully. 

Please do consult our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Can I bring my dog on holiday?

Yes, you can bring your dog on holiday! We won the BEST Dog Friendly Business of the year in 2018 from Visit England, a very prestigious award! 

We welcome 2 dogs per cottage. We can no longer accept more than 2 dogs per cottage as we want to ensure that other guests at Wallops Wood Cottages can also enjoy a peaceful holiday. With eight cottages sleeping 54 people, we want to ensure that everyone from 2 legged owners to 4 legged pooches have a safe, happy and fun holiday.

We deep clean all cottages which have dogs after their departure at 10m on changeover days. Therefore cannot accept more than two dogs per cottage, it would be impossible to clean the cottages in time for the next arrivals at 4pm! 

We charge £25.00 per dog for the extra cleaning we need to do to ensure that our cottages are spotless for the next guests.

Please do check our Dog Rules for more details.

Does my dogs get a welcome pack?

Yes, he or she does! We offer a fantastic Welcome Pack which includes a comfy bed, water and food bowls, a dog towel to use after the dog has enjoyed our thermostatically controlled shower (in the car park) after a lovely walk, sofa throws to ensure they keep our lovely sofas nice and clean for the next guests, complimentary treats and a fantastic tug toy! There are also laminated dog walks (or downloadable from our website HERE ) for you all to enjoy with pub stops along the way and a few books and an OS map too! We also provide a torch in case Fido the dog needs to go for a midnight toilet break!

Do you have enclosed gardens for the safety of my children and pets?

Yes we do! Each cottage has a fenced off garden or courtyard that is safe for children and pets alike. 

For pets we also offer a collar tag in case your dog jumps the fence (about 70cms high). We also have a very large communal lawn that everyone can enjoy to play and walk around in. 

All children and dogs cannot be left unsupervised and alone on the lawn. 

What if I need specialist accessible equipment?

We are M3a Visit England rated. This is not a problem. Just call us on 01489-878888 and speak to our bookings team to discuss your special needs. We have a very large list of equipment that you can use for free, first come first served, so ensure you  book this as soon as you can prior to your stay. If you require profiling beds, hoists and more specialist equipment we suggest you organise this with Solent Mobility, a local company hat we find is very well organised with quality equipment. You can call them on 02392-395822 They know us well and will deliver your items prior to your stay. We will ensure the equipment is in your cottage. 

Can I bring children on holiday?

Of course you can bring your whole family with you! We welcome families with children, grandparents and anyone else who wants to join in! We specialize in offering family holidays and have a huge list of free equipment, toys and books as well as DVS for our big guests and little guests. You can check out our equipment list HERE . 

Infants are welcome and we offer a little welcome pack for them too! A nappy, a towel, a ducky and a Mr Men booklet. Please bring your own bedding if you are borrowing a cot from us.

Can I bring an extra person on our booked holiday?

If the extra person exceeds the maximum occupancy for the cottage, it may be possible to put in an extra bed for you but please always call us first to check. We only have a limited number of beds available and also not all cottages can accommodate an extra bed. We charge £50.00 for one extra bed. 

What's on around our area?

We have so much going on around the Meon Valley, Winchester, Southampton and Portsmouth! We share events around Hampshire for you to enjoy and visit whilst holidaying with us at Wallops Wood Cottages.

We are keen to showcase Hampshire and it's amazing culture, art, music, food and wine events with everyone. Although we are in the countryside in the heart of the South Downs National Park, we are only 20 mins from Portsmouth, 25 mins from Winchester, 25 mins from Petersfield and 25 mins from Southampton. 

We share as much as we can on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and you can also visit our web page called Local Area with all the attractions and sights that you can visit whilst staying with us.

On the Local Area page you will see that we have many things for you to do from walking tours to racing, to watersports, visiting local towns, golf, family activities to cycling, dining in award winning restaurants and much more. 

What's in in Hampshire is also a great resource for your to check out, they showcase activities and events on a monthly basis and you can then filter by date too! 

Visit Winchester, our local Tourist Information Centre, is constantly updated with local events and what's on, so a perfect place to visit before you arrive on whilst you are here. 

We also #Whatsonatwallopswood so it is easy to track on social media for you !

If you need further information please call us on 01489-878888 or email [email protected] .

Can I go walking around Wallops Wood Cottages?

Yes you absolutely can! We are really lucky to live and work in this beautiful area of the South Downs National Park .

We have prepared 7 walking tours for our guests, these are in your cottages as laminated sheets, in our cottage folder and also as a downloadable PDF from our website. 

The walking tours last from 30 minutes to 2 hours and we have noted several pub stops along the way. Everyone needs refreshments after a bit of exercise! T download the walking routes click HERE.

Here are some award winning pubs you might enjoy visiting, all of them welcome dogs.

The Shoe Inn Pub in Exton - in spring and summer you can sit by the river Meon

The Baker's Arms in Droxford - a great village with fab Sunday meals for the whole family

The White Lion Pub in Soberton - a traditional 17th century pub with locally sourced food

The Bucks Head in Meonstoke - in picturesque surroundings with local food and great walking all around

We are keen to share our beautiful Meon Valley and all it has to offer. Walkers enjoy the hedges teaming with wildlife, the mad pheasants chasing hens, cows munching greedily on grass and sheep making an appearance in our lanes.

The chalk grassland ( the European equivalent of a tropical rainforest) encourages a huge number of butterflies in the Spring and Summer - 60% of the UK's butterfly species can be found in the chalk grassland habitats of the South Downs National Park!

The flora is also rather magnificent here. It can have up to 45 different species of flowering plants and  mosses per square metre and we have some rather special orchids growing here too 


When is the pool open ?

The indoor heated pool complex is open form 8am to 8pm everyday including Saturdays and Sundays!

You have a black fob in your cottage, which you need to press against the black plate on the door, it will beep and you can open the door. You will need the fob to come out, so please do keep it with you.

The swimming pool complex is underfloor heated throughout. It boasts several showers, an accessible changing room and bathroom, a parent changing room with shower and a separate toilet.

You also have lockers so that you can easily change into your swimming costume and put things away. 

The pool is level decked and heated to 30-31 degrees Celsius. We have an accessible hoist for disabled guests. 

The pool is deep cleaned every week and may be closed for a couple of hours during your stay, but we always try to ensure this is done when guest are out. 




What do I need to bring for my self catering holiday?

Well, not much! We have thought of most things! 

Check out our list of items that we provide for you  HERE - it includes hair dryers in every bedroom and 6 coat hangers in each wardrobe.

The bathrooms include Hand Wash, a Shower Gel/shampoo and a room deodoriser. These were especially made for us by New Forest Aromatics. Made by perfumer Debbie, they hail from the the New Forest in Hampshire and smell divine and most of the natural ingredients are sourced from the New Forest.

These are large bottles, so please do not take them with you, although we know it is tempting! You can buy them directly from us or in our soon to open tuck shop or ask a member of staff! 

Do you provide hair dryers?

Yes we do! All bedrooms which are ensuite have a hair dryer ready for you.

Can our friends come and use the pool?

No. As the pool is for the enjoyment of the guests staying with us, we do not allow people who are not staying with us to use the pool.

If you have further questions or are unsure about anything, please call us to check on 01489-878888 

Are you on social media?

Yes we are present on most social media platforms. We do like to get social!

You can find us on Facebook here  https://www.facebook.com/WallopsWoodCottages/

You can find us on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/wallopswoodcottages/

You can find us on Twitter here https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/

Just see what's going on at Wallops Wood Cottages on these accounts and if you use the hashtag #whatsonatwallopswood you can trawl through what's happening during your stay with us. 

Do you have Trip Advisor reviews?

Yes we do have many Trip Advisor reviews of guests who have stayed in our cottages! 

Why not check them out here https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g503824-d3750646-Reviews-Wallops_Wood_Cottages-Droxford_Hampshire_England.html#REVIEWS 


Are you on Google maps?

Yes Wallops Wood is on Google maps! 

Just checkout our listing on Google HERE - you can see where we are, our Google reviews, our opening hours and much more.

We and our guests post lots of photos on Google so you can see what's happening. 

Are you on Bookings.com?

Yes we are on Bookings.com and we are proud to have an exceptional rating of 9.7 for 2020! 

You can see all our facilities on there such as our indoor pool, hot tubs, pool hoist for accessible guests and much more. 

What cleaning products do you use? Are they Eco products?

We are really keen on doing as much as we can to ensure our beautiful countryside is protected. Our Green Ethos!

We are in the South Downs National Park, a park of great natural beauty with stunning flora nad fauna, we want to ensure we look after it.

Our housekeeping team uses the following products to clean all the cottages, the swimming pool complex and the event room/ games room. 

We use Ecover products and natural vinegar which works really well for us and as we have a borehole, we are keen that no nasties get into the aquifer our bore hole feeds from.

Ecover All Purpose Cleaner for walls, cupboards

Ecover Floor Soap for our wooden floors

Ecover Toilet Cleaner for all toilets

Ecover Multi-action Spray for general cleaning 

Ecover Bathroom Cleaner for all our bathrooms and toilets

Ecover Rinse Aid for the dishwashers

Ecover Limescale Remover when required

Ecover Washing up Liquid in all kitchens

Distilled Malt Vinegar for windows, glass and to descale

Beeswax Polish for our wooden chairs, tables and skirting boards as well as doors and wardrobes.

To see more information on our Green Policy, please check it out HERE

How sustainable are you?

Sustainability is really important to us. We are based in the South Downs National Park, where fauna and flora is protected and we aim to do more every year.

Live Green on Holiday! Our Green Ethos at Wallops Wood Cottages

We were the recipient of a Silver Award, we were assessed only 1 month after opening! So we have done so much more now - we will be re-assessed in March 2020, where we will be hoping for a Gold Award this year!

We have done so much more than a few years ago, here are some of the new green facilities and things we have set up:

  • new photo voltaic panels on the North roof of the cottages
  • bore hole with UV treatment
  • rainwater is re-fed into the local aquifer to then feed our bore hole
  • we do no use chlorine to clean our swimming pool
  • all our products are Ecover or natural vinegar
  • we re-use all old towels, cut them into cleaning rags
  • we hand over all clothes to St John's Ambulance and the Heart Foundation
  • we re-cycle all materials as much as we cna on the farm estate
  • the new guest shop is using excess timber from the games room /event room for shelving
  • we buy toiletries form New Forest aromatics - a local natural toiletry provider
  • our welcome basket includes local artisan food and drinks
  • we recycle all cleaning brushes, scourers, cloths after each guest has been to re-use on the estate and to be used by the landscape team
  • we offer vegan frozen meals forma  supplier on the estate, called Mitch's Kitchen who uses biodegradable packaging, all ingredients are sourced locally
  • we offer walking tours for all our guests, form 30 mins to several hours, for anyone to enjoy a healthy walk in the fresh air with a pit stop at local pubs
  • we share local sights, food and drinks providers
  • we use low energy and ED lighting throughout the complex
  • double glazing throughout
  • insulation is above norms and 4x above norms in the games/event room
  • the heating s provided with our bio mass boiler fed form chips harvest and sustainably managed in our own forest which is less than a mile from our cottages
  • we recycle all Nespresso capsules, hand them over to Nespresso when they deliver a new order. The spent coffee ground us re-used for soil conditioning and the aluminium is recycled to make bicycle frames.
  • We are in the process of installed an electric car charger on site, this will be operational form the nee of February 2020.

Check out our Green Policy HERE 

Do you have a games room?

Yes we do!

We opened our games room on 14th February 2020 - just in time for the half term break. 

We many toys for all age groups as well as a Ping Pong table, Football table, Air Hockey table, Pool table, Brio train set, Wendy House and make believe shop and kitchen and much more! 

Open every day from 9am to 7pm our games room is for everyone to enjoy and is perfect for days when the rain just doesn't stop! 

Please no dogs, food or drinks in the game room, thank you!

Check it out HERE on our game room page. 

Do you have a sauna?

Yes we do indeed!

Part of the indoor swimming pool complex, beyond the pool, you will find the sauna room. 

Please check it out HERE on our Sauna page.