The Indoor Pool at Wallops Wood

As you can imagine, one of the most popular facilities at Wallops Wood is our indoor pool. Our guests love using it, and since re-opening after lockdown 1.0 in July 2020, we’ve changed the way the pool is used so that each individual cottage now gets their own swim slot. This means you and your family get to have sole use of the pool for 45 minutes per day 🏊‍♂️ 😃

The swimming pool area includes a sauna, steam room and changing room which unfortunately are currently closed due to COVID restrictions. However, with your own use of the pool and jacuzzi, there’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy. 

Our swimming pool is so inviting!

How to Book Your Swim Slot

To book the swim slot for your cottage, go to the pool entrance where there is a rota on the wall just inside the door on the left. Choose your slot for the next day for times between 9am and 6.45pm. Don’t forget you can book your first swim the day you arrive! 

As the changing rooms are closed, you will need to get ready in your cottage and also bring your own towels. Please don’t use the bath towels! 

Having the Pool to Yourself

Since introducing the booking system for the pool, we’ve had very positive comments from our guests who love having sole use and many have asked if we can keep this system going when things return to normal. 

It’s a very special experience being able to use the pool privately with just yourself and your family. You can relax more than you would if you were sharing it. If you have young children, having sole use could mean that you can take the time to teach them to take their first tentative steps into the water, or even learn to swim! Or perhaps you want to improve your own swimming technique or use the time to get fitter. Perhaps your idea of using the pool is a few gentle lengths followed by relaxing for a while in the warm jacuzzi! 

We really want our guests to make the most of the booking system and use the pool how they wish. 

Having fun in the pool at Wallops Wood

Accessibility at the Pool

The pool area was designed to be as accessible as possible. The pool and jacuzzi are level decked and both can be accessed using the hoists provided. There are 9 gentle steps with a handrail leading into the pool making it easier to get in and out. The pool area can also accommodate a wheelchair. 

For further information about our indoor pool, please visit the swimming pool page, where you can also download the swimming pool rules. We encourage our guests to read this information for their own safety and for maximum enjoyment!

A hoist can be used to access the pool and jacuzzi