Making the Most of our Indoor Swimming Pool

Our heated indoor swimming pool is the most used facility at Wallops Wood. Before Covid, the pool was free for guests to use whenever they wanted, but since Covid we’ve changed the way guests use the pool which is proving so much better. Each cottage now gets their own swim slot so guests don’t have to share the pool area with anyone else.

Our lovely heated pool is 13 x 6 metres, is 1.45 metres deep and heated to a lovely 30-31°. Perfect for both exercise and play! We avoid using harmful chemicals to treat the swimming pool. Instead, the water is UV filtered and not chlorinated. It’s completely safe, doesn’t damage skin nor irritate eyes and is environmentally friendly 🐬

The pool and jacuzzi are level decked, the water being level with the surrounding poolside. Both have disabled access via a hoist. There are 9 steps with a handrail leading in to the swimming pool, perfect for our accessible guests. 

Bubbling jacuzzi with pink lighting, the beautiful blue pool lit up with hoist in foreground
Our beautiful swimming pool and jacuzzi are so inviting!

Book Your Own Swim Slot

So that guests don’t have to share the pool with people outside their own party, we’ve introduced a swim slot system whereby guests book the pool for 45 minutes for their own group/cottage only. This means guests get the pool to themselves and can use the pool however they wish. The pool can be booked using the timetables on the pool lobby wall with your cottage name. You can use the pool complex each day you’re here as long you’ve booked it. The pool is open daily from 9am until 8pm for these bookable swim sessions.

If you enjoy an early morning relaxing swim, the pool is open to all cottages from 8am for adults only, and this session does not need to be booked.

How Guests Use the Pool

Our pool has been used in many different ways from simple gentle exercise, play for children and teaching young children to swim. During the day and in the early evenings, many of our guests use the pool for a relaxing swim and exercise before enjoying the warm jacuzzi afterwards. As there are no other parties to share with, you don’t have to worry about the kids disturbing other people by playing in it or using it to practice their swimming. 

Other ways the pool has been used is by a yoga teacher who uses the area for hot yoga on weekend retreats. You can find out more about Yoga with Anneke’s weekend retreats here.

Yoga in the pool room at Wallops Wood
Yoga in the pool room at Wallops Wood


The pool is perfect for our accessible guests as they can access it with a hoist. Last year we had some accessible guests staying with us who hadn’t swam for over 10 years! They shed tears of joy as they experienced swimming in our beautiful pool 🥲. Afterwards when telling us about  it, we were all welling up too. It’s why we do what we do!

The jacuzzi can also be accessed via a hoist and we’ve made sure our pool area is inclusive for everyone! It’s great that our accessible guests are encouraged to use the pool since it’s not always easy to find these facilities close to home.  

Our accessible guests can use the hoist to access the swimming pool and jacuzzi
Our accessible guests can use the hoist to access the swimming pool and jacuzzi

Sauna & Steam Room

The pool complex also has a sauna and steam room for guests to use as part of their 45 minute swim slot. The sauna is infrared and there are instructions and precautions as to how to use it. The steam room has recently opened too. Benefits of using a steam room are thought to include improved circulation, lower blood pressure and a boost to the immune system.

So make sure you don’t forget to book your daily swim slot! Make the most of the facilities that are included with your stay while you’re here at Wallops Wood. 

Find out more about our indoor swimming pool and you can also download our swimming pool rules here. 

Swimming pool showing steps with jacuzzi, hoist, sauna and steam room.
Swimming pool showing steps with jacuzzi, hoist, sauna and steam room.