Group Activities at Wallops Wood

Keeping everyone entertained can sometimes be a bit of a challenge with a large group together on holiday. Having welcomed large groups staying here together on a regular basis, we’ve put together some ideas for group activities with something for everyone 😃

Outdoor Activities

When the weather’s on your side, there’s plenty to do either on the Wallops Wood estate or out and about in the wider area. Find some ideas below for outdoor activities your group will enjoy.


There are some fantastic walks in the area and we’ve put together several walks that guests can take ranging from a shorter 30 minutes up to a couple of hours. You could also take in a local pub for refreshments. You can find the walks on laminated cards in your cottage and you can also download them here. Walks are a fantastic group activity. They get everyone out exploring the area. To make it more interesting, you could also include some activities for children along the way. Why not download The Wildlife Trusts’ spotter guides and get the children searching for certain types of butterflies, birds, wildlife or wild flowers?

Old Winchester Hill
Enjoy a countryside walk in the beautiful South Downs

Our Meadow

Our large meadow is the perfect place to entertain the kids (and the dog!). For guests staying in cottages with gardens backing onto the meadow, you don’t even have to go far! There’s plenty of scope to play games or even a mini Olympics competition: running, skipping, three-legged racing, egg and spoon races! It’s a large space for our guests to use as they wish.

Children playing at Wallops Wood
Children playing at Wallops Wood meadow


The meadow also makes a wonderful place to relax on a sunny day with a picnic. Why not decamp there and enjoy lunch on a blanket while the kids enjoy themselves in the large space? Or there’s a picnic bench we’ve provided for guests to use!

Treasure Trail

If you fancy doing something a bit more adventurous, then you could organise a treasure trail. If you need any help or advice to plot a route then just let us know and we’ll do our best to help! 

Carved pumpkins with Halloween Trail treasures
Carved pumpkins with Halloween Trail treasures

Indoor Activities

Sometimes the weather doesn’t play ball, so for the rainy days when you’d rather be inside, there are still activities and things to do to entertain your group. 

Baking Baskets

We sell a range of baking baskets with all the ingredients and instructions to make brownies or biscuits you can decorate. Perhaps get the kids to spend an afternoon cooking and a competition for the best decorated biscuits will keep them busy! The end results are something everyone will look forward to 😋

Baking baskets at our on-site shop
Baking baskets at our on-site shop

Games Room

Our games room is full of activities to while away a wet afternoon. We have games to occupy the youngest to the oldest members of your group, there’s everything from a wooden train set and play areas for the younger ones to table tennis and air hockey for adults and teens. Perhaps get your group together for a table tennis competition to find the best player! Find out more about our games room.

Enjoying a game of pool in the games room
Enjoying a game of pool in the games room

Board Games

For those who would prefer to stay in your cottage or house, we can provide a selection of games to play together which include Logo, Logo What Am I and Logo Billionaire, Articulate and SShh! Don’t Wake Dad! Let us know which games you would like and we’ll provide them subject to availability. Card games are also a good way of passing a couple of hours so don’t forget to bring a pack or two with you. If you have some favourite board games then perhaps consider bringing some with you too if you can fit them in the car! 

For further information for groups staying at Wallops wood, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01489 878888 or

Decorated biscuits from our baking baskets
Decorated biscuits from our baking baskets