Book Your Own Swim Slot in Our Heated Swimming Pool

The number one feedback from guests is that they love having the swimming pool to themselves during their stay here. 🏊 It’s a special experience having exclusive use of the pool! 🤩 The pool is 13×6 metres, so more than big enough to do your lengths if you want to use it for exercise, and more than enough room for play! The pool is heated to a very comfortable 30 degrees, and with the integrated jacuzzi, makes it the perfect place to relax.
indoor swimming pool blue water lifting hoist

Our woodchip boiler heats the unchlorinated swimming pool to 30 degrees, and is powered by solar panels

The pool and jacuzzi are level decked, the water being level with the surrounding poolside and both can be accessed with a hoist. We wanted to ensure our disabled guests were just as welcome to use the swimming pool as everyone else, so ease of getting in and out of the pool with gentle steps was also an important part of the design. We deliberately avoid using harmful chemicals so the water is UV filtered and not chlorinated. It’s completely safe, doesn’t damage skin nor irritate eyes and is environmentally friendly!! 🐬
Soft strap hoist for our indoor accessible pool

A hoist can be used to access the pool and jacuzzi

Book Your Own Swim Slot

Since Covid we have introduced a booking system so that each cottage can book its very own swim slot, meaning you have the pool to yourself! This new rota system has been welcomed by our guests who very much prefer their own use of the pool. The pool is open from 9am to 6.45pm and each day you can book your 45 minute swim slot (a day in advance). Just use the boards at the entrance to the swimming pool building to book your time. All we ask is that you bring your own pool towels. Find out more on our swimming pool page. 
Jump in at Wallops Wood Cottages

The pool is perfect for exercise or play!