Wallops Wood’s Commitment to Sustainability & the Environment

Wallops Wood are part of Visit Britain’s Green Tourism Business Scheme and very proud to have a Silver Green Tourism Certification. It provides recognition of our commitment to green issues and sustainability. As an accommodation provider in the South Downs National Park, these are two things we feel are very important. We encourage our guests to explore the beautiful countryside surrounding the cottages but we also need to safeguard the important flora and fauna that thrive within the Park.

From this there are a number of things we have addressed to ensure our cottages are as eco-friendly as possible:

  • We have just installed new photovoltaic panels on the cottages used to power the accommodation. Any excess electricity made goes back into the grid.
  • We have our own borehole so that guests can enjoy pure fresh water from the chalk aquifer a few metres away from the cottages. The water is UV treated instead of chlorinated so better for you and for the environment. There is no need to purchase water in plastic bottles while you stay at Wallops Wood!
  • We use Ecover and vinegar to clean the cottages and the windows. All the bottles are re-used to spray vinegar and used in bathroom and kitchens. All textiles such as bath towels and tea towels are cut up when worn and re-used to clean the cottages.
  • The Nespresso coffee capsules which are provided in the cottages are recycled. We send them back to Nespresso after a large bag is filled with spent capsules.
  • Our cottages are well insulated to reduce heat loss, we use low energy light bulbs and energy efficient appliances. Our guests are all encouraged to recycle glass, plastic and paper. We have installed a wood chip boiler which provides energy efficient underfloor heating and facilitates a degree of self-sufficiency while also looking after and managing the local woodland.
  • The water from the roof of the cottages is recycled by going into the soakaways that we have dug around the cottages. The water is filtered by the chalk underground and it then slowly trickles into the local river and our bore hole.
Solar panels being installed

Solar panels being installed

The new events room, insulation & lighting being installed

The new events room, insulation & lighting being installed

Wood chips from own woodland for our underfloor heating

Wood chips from our own woodland for our underfloor heating

While designing the cottages we have ensured that these eco-friendly actions can be implemented without compromising on the quality and finish of the cottages.

Our walks and dog walks are laminated so that these can be re-used for other guests. Also the walks ensure guests keep to a path/signposts so as not to impact wildlife and farm animals. They are also available as a PDF on the website to download to mobile phones.

Our guests have plenty of beautiful countryside to explore, amazing food, attractions and facilities locally, so we hope you enjoy your stay at Wallops Wood and the nature that surrounds us!

Please download our Green Policy to find out more.

South Downs walks and out and about in nature

South Downs walks and out and about in nature


Green Tourism Silver Certification