Wallops Wood Wins Gold at Green Tourism Awards!

Hot on the heels of our two golds at the Beautiful South Awards in December is another award, this time a Green Tourism UK 5* Gold Award!

Surrounded by the spectacular countryside of the Meon Valley, a green ethos is at the heart of everything we do without compromising accommodation quality.

Achieving this accolade isn’t easy and Wallops Wood have worked hard over the last few years to make the business as sustainable as possible.

Green Tourism Gold Award
Green Tourism Gold Award

Some of our Eco-Friendly Practices

  • Biomass boiler – powered by solar panels on the roofs of the cottages and fed by woodchips from our sustainably managed woodland on the estate. The boiler heats the cottages (via underfloor heating – which is more efficient than radiators), the swimming pool, jacuzzi and hot tubs.
  • Water is supplied by a private borehole and is UV treated to ensure crystal clear water. This means no chlorination is needed even for the indoor heated swimming pool so the water is kinder to eyes, skin and the environment. And harvested rainwater feeds back to the aquifer supplying the borehole ensuring a sustainable water supply.
  • Recycling – All our customers are encouraged to recycle and there are large recycling bins in the car park area. We provide Nespresso capsules for the Nespresso coffee machines. The used pods are recycled by Nespresso in the manufacture of new bicycles. Nespresso also recycles coffee grounds which are used for soil fertilisation.
  • Ecover Cleaning Products – these are bought in bulk and we decant them into smaller bottles. The dishwashing tablets and washing powder are decanted into recycled takeaway food containers (which have been left by our guests, are cleaned and repurposed to avoid single-use plastic).
  • Kitchen brushes and scourers – these are re-used by the maintenance teams.
  • Bird boxes – we have installed bird and owl boxes around the grounds of the cottages to give wild birds more places to raise their families.
  • Low energy lights – the cottages and offices at Wallops Wood are lit by low energy lights.
  • Electric car recharging – we have just installed an EV charging point for guests who have an electric car.
Two children playing in a field of flowers
Children sitting in a field of flowers

You can read more about our green practices on our Green Ethos page.

Competition for these awards was fierce as many businesses also also doing their best to ensure their practices are as sustainable as possible.

Owners Andrew and Katherine Graham said: “We feel that by addressing a number of environmental matters, the wider benefits can be considerable.”

Wood chips from own woodland for our underfloor heating
Wood chips from own woodland for our underfloor heating

Bee on flower image: Aaron Burden on Unsplash