Wallops Wood Experiences are coming your way

Wallops Wood Experiences will launch at the end of November 2018 and we are very excited to be able to share this with you!

From farm tours where you can milk a cow to fly fishing, jam making to trying your hand at making your own jewellery and many more experiences we are very excited to be able to offer these activities for you to enjoy whilst staying with us at Wallops Wood Cottages.

Sunrise with the cows at Wallops Wood

We are developing mini breaks with country pursuit experiences such as fly fishing, clay shoot and Hambledon Vineyard Tour and tasting that will also showcase our local produce cooked by a local chef.

Always fancied wearing a particular scent but yet could never find it? Natural perfume making is here with artisan perfumier Debbie. Spends a few hours making your own scent by testing your top, middle and base notes to create a signature scent just for you or to gift to someone special. Heavely!

Or how about booking a really fun Jam & Chutney workshops with award winning jam extraordinaire Sue, who conjures delectable flavour combinations with locally sourced food. Yum!

Jam making at Wallops Wood

Why not make your wedding rings? Well now you can with master jeweller Fiona. A silversmith with 20 years experience she will really make this a special time for both of you or you could book a group to make bangles, rings, earrings or necklace.

Jewellery making at Wallops Wood

Spa experiences are also available and we have so many more family friendly activities offered by local artisans, producers and farmers.

We are also making our facilities available for Creative Writing and Photography retreats for teachers who are looking for unparallelled views, amazing flora and fauna to be inspired by and enjoy our rural idyll.

In April 2019 we will also offer our facilities for Wellness retreats for yoga and pilates teachers. Somewhere where teachers and participants will be able to completely relax and indulge in a time of peaceful contemplation and mindful activities.