Our Local Producers – The Isle of Wight Garlic Farm

Wallops Wood and Hambledon Vineyards are hosting our very own pop-up event during the Hampshire Food Festival here at Wallops Wood in July.

The lunch and dinner events on 10 & 11 July will be created by international chef, Deborah Durrant of Deliciously Raw. The aim is to create some amazing food for our guests and showcase some of the wonderful produce that Hampshire has to offer.

On the menu will be garlic from the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight. Famous for its elephant garlic and their June and July crop of gorgeous garlic bulbs, this farm knows everything there is to know about this magic bulb.

The island gets much more sunshine than anywhere else in the UK, so it is perfect for growing this very Mediterranean plant. This was something that Mrs Boswell, the lady who started it all over 50 years ago, obviously realised. The soil was also the perfect terroir for these pungent bulbs.

Colin and Jenny at the farm have travelled to the mountains of Georgia, Kazakhstan and Eastern Turkey in search of the “Mother of all garlic” and Colin continues to make garlic connections across the globe. Colin and Jenny’s daughter, Natasha, has written three fantastic books on cooking with garlic and how to get the most of it’s amazing health benefits.

This fantastic family farm continues to offer some of the UK’s best quality garlic and they use this very beautiful bulb in every product they have – such as mayonnaise, chutneys and other condiments which they make and sell on the farm and online.

We particularly love their hot oak smoked garlic, which is simply divine. They even make a garlic ice cream and black garlic beer!

Why not discover some recipes you can try with The Garlic Farm’s gorgeous garlic from the Great British Chefs website right HERE.

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Hot oak smoked garlic

The lovely Meghan sent garlic to chef Deborah ahead of the events to test a few ideas, but we already know that fermented garlic is going to be on the menu along with a very special dish with garlic as its hero!