The Amazing Countryside that Surrounds Us

We’re surrounded by amazing countryside at Wallops Wood. Not only is it helping us get through these difficult times, but the guests who stayed between lockdowns have also commented on how beautiful the area is and how much they’ve enjoyed being here. In many cases, being away from the stress we’re all facing in our daily lives has allowed our guests to switch off, rest & relax, feeling much more refreshed when they return home 😀

Hot tub with amazing views at Sundew Cottage

Wonderful Walks from the Doorstep 

We’re quite spoilt for choice when it comes to walks near Wallops Wood as well as further afield in the South Downs. There are several family friendly and dog friendly routes you can take from the doorstep without needing to drive anywhere. These walks are on the website which you can find here. 

They are also on laminated cards in each cottage, so you can take the cards out in any weather ☀️🌧

Take a walk into the surrounding countryside directly from your cottage

Further afield, the South Downs website has a number of walks and you can also find more routes to explore on the Visit Hampshire website

In these difficult times, we need to make sure we keep physically active and get enough exercise. There are numerous benefits to getting out into the fresh air and staying physically fit is important for our health, but it’s so easy to let it go by the wayside when feeling low. Even a short walk on a dreary day can make you feel so much better afterwards. And the reward of a cup of tea by the cosy wood burner when you get back is a great pick-me-up!

Mental Health Benefits

Not only are the physical benefits of exercise important, but mentally it can really improve your day. There have been many studies and articles recently about how important being out in nature is to our mental wellbeing. It’s helping many people get through these challenging times. Take the time to stop and take in the nature and views that surround you on your walk. Stop and listen to the birds, see what wildlife you can spot in the trees and hedges. When you take the time to pause there is so much to notice that you can so easily miss otherwise! It’s easy to forget that nature just gets on no matter what circumstances us humans face or what the weather outside is doing. 

Two children playing in a field of flowers
Children enjoying nature

Spring is Just Around the Corner!

We may be in the depths of February with some rather cold weather across the country at the moment, but spring is just around the corner. The days are drawing out and there have been many signs of spring with snowdrops in bloom, primroses and daffodils out in sheltered spots, reminding us that better weather and better times are not too far away 🌷🌳

Snowdrop flowers in the grass
Snowdrops – spring is coming! Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash