Portrait of Wallops Wood Cottages staff. Liz our bookings manager

The first in our series of Portrait of Staff at Wallops Wood Cottages, Liz was known (and still is) as the powerhouse behind the bookings!

I don’t know Liz very well as I only started working at Wallops Wood Cottages a few weeks before she retired, but she was ( still is) definitely the go-to person to ask A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G ! Aside from knowing the “Bizz” (as in self catering cottages) inside out, Liz is a wizard of information. And she loved to do rhymes, so that above was my feeble attempt!

Liz at her retirement party

The A to Z of the farming calendar is in her blood and she loves sharing the whys and hows of our farming seasons which in turn we share with our guests. Liz and her husband farm over 1000 acres of the South Downs land and have done so for decades. Part of a close knit community who support each other through the good and the bad times that farming can often throw at them, this year has been challenging with the extreme warm weather we have had.

Being part of a local community

Liz knows Hampshire food producers because she knows whos’ who and where they live and come from and she has probably tasted all of their produce! A knowledge of all the families and people living in the Meon Valley and surrounds is invaluable for us because that means we can call upon all our neighbours and make sure we use their services, whatever they may be. Being a rural family business, it’s paramount we ensure our local economy is thriving and that local people’s knowledge is shared amongst all of us.

Liz’ knowledge of disability and what equipment can be sourced and where has been key to our business. She gently delved for  information so as not to cause distress or offence and made sure we offered the best equipment all ready and waiting for guests to just enjoy their stay.  Accessibility has been somewhat of a minefield for newcomers like me but Liz was happy to share her knowledge with all of us when we took over her extensive duties. For that Emma and I are very grateful!

At Wallops Wood for 19 years

Liz’ role in the last 4 years was as our Bookings Manager and all round guest welcoming supremo! She ensured housekeeping had all the information required to set up the cottages as needed; which children’s toys went where and what cot and bedding was required in which bedroom. She organised the dog bed and welcome basket for our canine pets. She made sure owners had a look at our laminated dog walk cards so that both pooch and servant (sorry owner) could go and enjoy the countryside around our beautiful Meon Valley. Interacting between housekeeping, maintenance and accounts ,

Travels beckon

Liz decided that her and her farmer husband  really needed to travel a bit more. After some deliberation, Liz  decided to take  her retirement  2 weeks later left for a grand our of America!

Liz was  was – and still is  – a much loved friend for many guests who come here year after year (we have had guests return 6 times!). Liz always made sure that every booking was checked, double checked and triple checked to ensure all requests could be met. Arriving guests only had to open the door to their cottage and start their holiday.