Creating memories. Experiences and fun times at Wallops Wood

On a holiday we all aim to relax, enjoy our freedom from work or home responsibilities and also look to enhance our life experiences with something different. Creating memories with fun times and unusual or different experiences, goes a long way towards achieving a balanced life.

We are very lucky to be surrounded by fantastic neighbours and other family businesses in the Meon Valley and further afield in Hampshire.

Meon Springs

There is so much to do around our cottages that sometimes we forget that our nearest neighbours also have amazing facilities to share with people. Whether you while away your days in our pool or hot tubs, cycle or walk our beautiful lanes or even try your hand at our baking and cooking experiences with the kids, doing something completely different creates memories that are often unequalled.

So in the next few weeks we will be sharing some experiences that are offered by other rural businesses that are near to wallops Wood.

With this in mind…. have you ever thought about trying Fly Fishing for example?

Southern Hampshire is particularly blessed with stunningly crystal clear rivers filtered by the chalk that is prevalent in this county. A fantastic experience, out in the fresh air, communing with nature and where you can mindfully enjoy a slow holiday experience.

Expert tutors to help you enjoy your day

Chirping birds, gurgling water and the breeze is all you can hear at Meon Springs where the going is easy and time almost stops for you. A particularly beautiful part of our valley, Meon Springs is on a working farm just over the hill from Wallops Wood.

Their experience days are particularly suitable for novices or anyone who wants to get back to fly fishing and might not have fished for a while.

Flies to choose from

The day starts with learning how to put a rod, reel and line together and attach a fly. You will then be shown how to cast, ensuring the all important timing is spot on and that you move your rod calmly and deftly. Throughout your day, instructors are there to guide you and help you out without being intrusive. The day will then move on to casting and fly selection, retrieval and how to play and land a fish.

Once the instructions are out of the way, you will be free to fish at leisure and be completely mesmerised by the water movement in this idyllic fishing spot. Encouragement and support is there when needed.

Stillness and beauty

The perfect day to be still, admire the views and breathe in that calm and grounding feeling fly fishing seems to infuse all devotees of this very British pastime.

The day includes everything you need – from the tackle and equipment, an Environment Agency (EA) day licence, a fully tutored morning with no more than 3 other people. The tutors are seasoned fishermen, with decades of experience and have the patience of saints! (they did with me!)

You can book your fly fishing experience for a Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday ( during the summer only) . Just call them directly on 01730 823 134

I can tell you from experience – it’s a very special day.

Meandering river