Live Green, Think Green – our ethos

Here are some of the ways we support green tourism

Illustration rainclouds water table aquifer borehole impermeable layer
Our borehole supplies pure water from the underground aquifer for our guests and staff

Did you know the swimming pool at Wallops Wood Cottages is unchlorinated? We made a conscious decision to support the local ecosystem. We don’t use harsh chemicals in our pool and self-catering cottages so we installed a borehole to ensure the water quality is as pure as possible for our guests and staff.

How the borehole works

Our illustration shows rainwater seeping through the ground and the borehole draws this pure water from the underground aquifer. A UV filter purifies the water and pumps it into our cottages, swimming pool and its shower rooms. Used water drains through the chalkland back to the aquifer and completes the ‘green circle’.

indoor swimming pool blue water lifting hoist
Our woodchip boiler heats the unchlorinated swimming pool to 30 degrees, and is powered by solar panels

We think this is the perfect way to support green tourism. Other eco friendly methods we use are:

  • Using natural substances such as distilled malt vinegar and beeswax to clean the cottages
  • Supplying Ecover products for our guests to use during their stay here. We maintain the local ecosystem and introduce no harmful chemicals to the waste water system
  • Harvesting rainwater from the roof into a soakaway which flows back to the aquifer supplying the borehole
  • Lighting our buildings with low energy light bulbs
  • Recycling as much as possible; our housekeeping and maintenance teams reuse our kitchen scourers and brushes. There are large recycling bins on-site for guests to use. AND we recycle old towels by sending them to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance – so far, they’ve raised an impressive £2.7m!
  • Utilising solar panels to power the cottages in the north and south buildings as well as the woodchip boiler which in turn heats the cottages, event room and pool. In summer months the solar panels produce a third of the power that we would normally use!
air ambulance sunset
The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance helicopter (Picture: