How We Are Helping the Environment & Our Wildlife

We are fortunate to be surrounded by amazing countryside and wildlife at Wallops Wood. Being situated in a National Park it’s important to us to ensure we operate our business in a sustainable way and protect our local environment.

From the day we began building the cottages, we’ve implemented a number of green practices to ensure the cottages are as eco-friendly as possible.

Wood chips from own woodland for our underfloor heating
Wood chips from own woodland for our underfloor heating

Our Eco-Friendly Practices

  • Installing solar panels on the roof of the north facing cottages to power all the cottages, the indoor swimming pool complex, the games / event room and our laundry facilities.
  • Our borehole supplies our water. It is fed by the local aquifer and the water drawn from it is then UV treated to ensure our water is crystal clear and tastes delicious.
  • Distilled vinegar and Ecover products are used to clean our cottages, so no harsh chemicals are used on site.
  • Cleaning cloths are made from discarded textiles which are cut into squares and used by our housekeeping team.
  • In the summer months the solar panels powers our woodchip boiler which in turn heats the cottages, indoor pool and games room. Woodchips are sourced from our own woodland, which is sustainably managed.
  • All our buildings are lit by low energy lights.
  • Spent Nespresso capsules are collected and sent back to Nespresso. They use the coffee grind as soil conditioner and the aluminium from each capsule is repurposed to make bicycles.
  • We have recently installed an electric car charger.

Helping Our Local Wildlife

We have created a 5m wildlife corridor between our meadow and the surrounding farmland which enables wildlife to nest and move around freely and safely. We have put up several owl boxes, bird boxes and bat boxes in the woods and trees that surround the cottages.

Poppy fields with blue sky
The beautiful countryside surrounding Wallops Wood

Every year a wild meadow is sown with native flowers and grasses. Peter, our team member, mows a path through the meadow. It’s a fantastic way for our guests to enjoy butterflies and all kinds of insects which feast on the nectar.

The surrounding fields, woodland and lanes of the cottages and farm estate are ‘atweet’ with greenfinches, grey partridges, lapwings, goldfinches, skylarks and more. Our hedges are also full of sparrows, common blackbirds, chiff-chaffs, blue tits and bullfinches. Kites are often seen swirling high up in the thermals, making ‘figures of eight’ and cruising the skies above.

When you’re out and about on a walk, remember to stop, look and listen to the amazing wildlife we have surrounding us! We’re incredibly lucky and it’s a privilege to have them living and nesting on our site.

We’re also very proud to be part of Britain’s Green Tourism Business Scheme. It provides recognition of our commitment to green issues and sustainability. All our efforts resulted in us winning a Gold Award in March 2020, which we’re incredibly pleased to have.

Green Tourism Gold Award
Green Tourism Gold Award

You can find out more about our green practices on Our Green Ethos page.

We’re also pleased to announce that we’re finalists in the Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Award category of The Beautiful South Awards for Excellence. Winners to be announced at an online event next Thursday 11 February. Follow hashtag #BSTA20 to keep up to date with news as it develops.

Beautiful South Awards for Excellence 2020-21 Finalist
Beautiful South Awards for Excellence 2020-21 Finalist