Harvest season is underway in the Meon Valley and South Downs

Harvest season is underway in the Meon Valley and South Downs

As I was walking around the Wallops Wood fields counting up butterflies for the Big Butterfly Count, the low rumbling of the John Dere’s could be heard in the background.  Harvest and baling in the Meon Valley was in full swing!

Straw bales in the Meon Valley

Seasons in the South Downs National Park.

The butterfly count was fantastic, more on that in a later post. I just wanted to share with you some photos of the gorgeous countryside we have here at Wallops Wood Cottages and how the seasons shape our life in the South Downs National Park particularly around harvest time int he Meon Valley.

Tranquil countryside?! Maybe for visitors, but definitely not for the farmers that border Wallops Wood Cottages’ land. The chirpy birds and abundant wildlife can deliver a cacophony of sounds whilst the farmers take on innumerable chores.

Rural Challenges…..

It’s a constant challenge for farmers. Too much rain, not enough rain, escaping cows who decided that the field across theirs was more luscious than their patch! Early harvests, lack of green grass for the animals and having to feed them this winter’s stores is a pressing concern at the moment.  For our veg and fruit farmers, a constant need to water,  if they are to reap any fruits of their labour (no pun intended) is a pressure .

Guests do love seeing the idyllic countryside that we enjoy here go through its seasonal changes and I guess as a visitor it makes you look at something other than your mobile/tablet screens!

Just amble…..

Abit of gentle mindfulness is what we suggest whilst here. Ambling in the fields that are all around our cottages is an amazing experience at the moment; the butterflies are abundant and flutter all around you. Enjoy the walks, the hot tubs and the swimming pool for a refreshing dip!

And when the day is over, the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful views is to just sit in your comfy chair outside the cottages. Your dog by your side and glass in hand, watch the hares and pheasants jostle for territory in the fields. Admire the deer munching on very blond grass and keeping an eye on their young.

What I love about Wallops Wood, is the spectacular cloud formation and sunsets we are so very fortunate to enjoy. Here is sharing with you!

When the clouds dance with the light at Wallops Wood Cottages

Sunsets that take your breath away