Electric Vehicle Charging for Guests at Wallops Wood

We’re very proud of our green credentials at Wallops Wood. In 2020 we won a Green Tourism Gold Award, and also installed an electric car charger!

Electric car charging at the EV charger at Wallops Wood
Electric car at the EV charger at Wallops Wood

According to an article on Autocar, sales of electric cars are on the up, despite overall car sales down, affected by COVID-19. Electric cars now account for over 10% of new car sales. As more of us change our daily habits to live more sustainably, we are also extending this to the way we travel. The range of electric cars is steadily improving, with some reporting up to 300 miles, although typically around the 180 miles mark.

For guests coming to Wallops Wood, we are in easy reach of a number of towns and cities so you can get here without having to charge or stop on the way. London is just one hour away, and cities in the Midlands such as Birmingham, Coventry and Northampton all within range for an electric car.

On arrival, our guests with electric cars are welcome to use the EV charger for free throughout the duration of their stay in 2021! We know it isn’t always easy finding EV chargers so we hope our guests can make full use of it during their stay and enjoy days out in the local area without having to worry about finding a charging point.

Find out more about how we are committed to helping the environment on our Green Ethos page.

If you have any questions on our EV charger or our green policies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Green Tourism Gold Award
Green Tourism Gold Award