Festive treats for our four legged pooches

As lovely as it is spending Christmas with our four legged pet pooches, we must stay alert at the dangers that abound around our Christmas and New Year’s table!

Dogs welcome at Wallops Wood

Dogs are welcome at Wallops Wood Cottages

If your dog is like my two sausage dogs, Bentley and Lulu, they don’t  think twice at hoovering the floor back and forth and twice over whenever we have people over for dinner. They even scavenge under the dinner table every evening after we finish our meal. Christmas is definitely a time of year when I watch them like a hawk, especially Lulu who has been known to get aluminium, plastic bottle tops and even washed out cans of chopped tomatoes and started munching on them. It probably doesn’t help that she has been experiencing a phantom pregnancy for a few months and is nesting like mad!

At this time of year, chocolate is the gift that keeps on giving, a box from Mum, a few truffles from Grandma and definitely a big box for you (after all gifting starts at home don’t you think?!). So chocolates are a definite no-no! Human chocolate contains a compound that is poisonous for dogs, so much so that if they were to swipe a whole box of Quality Street, they might have to have their stomach pumped!

You definitely do not want to get to Vet A&E on Christmas Day or any other day.

According to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home  info on toxic food for dogs, there is a whole host of toxins out there that we must be aware of. However it is christmas after all and so,  no need to get too anxious,  but sometimes we all need reminding about the nasties that our dogs can furtively hunt down. I for one, forgot that avocado is bad for them and I sometimes allow them to lick the peels. EEEK! We all need reminding!

Welcome dog basket and bed

We all know that cooked bones are a really bad treat, they can get stuck, splinter and perforate the gut. Then there is raisins which are plentiful at Christmas, and Battersea says that they and grapes for example can severely damage liver and cause kidney failure. So don’t let them near your puddings and biscuits!

Now if your pooch were to ingest all the nasties that battersea talks about, what to do? Basically there is only one thing to do, take them to the Vet.

For all our guests at Wallops Wood, if the unthinkable were to happen, and we really hope you and your pet will not require emergency treatment during your break, but if you do need a vet during your stay you can contact Shield’s Vet in Bishop’s Waltham (Tel: 01489 896734) and www.vets-now.com provide an out-of-hours service, with clinics in Portsmouth (Tel: 02392 985760), Winchester (Tel: 01962 659580) and Southampton (Tel: 02380 989724).

Better to be armed with all the info, then you can relax and bentley and Lulu can have a grand Christmas playing around and having safe doggy chocolates and a good raw bone to munch on!

Visit our Dog page to see all the lovely walks we have available for you and your pooch, as well as info on the welcome basket they get. Did you know we also have a thermostatically regulated outdoor shower for them?! Perfect for those muddy paws !