Deborah Durrant of Deliciously Raw

Deborah Durrant is a Raw Food Chef and creator of Deliciously Raw , a plant based cooking school. As well as being a chef, Deborah is an avid food writer and educator. She has been featured in countless national magazines and newspapers.

We’re very excited that she will be creating the food for the amazing raw food pop up lunch and dinner here at Wallops Wood on 10th & 11th July. We wanted to showcase Hampshire’s amazingly diverse food culture. Produce & drinks from our farmers across the county will be in the 5 course menu.

Only 20 tickets per event are available – hurry as we have already sold 21 tickets!

“The pop-up lunch and dinner will give guests a chance to explore a new delicious plant-based menu produced in Hampshire with Hampshire’s very best vegetables, herbs and fruit. I wanted to showcase inventive techniques in dishes that look beautiful and taste divine during this illustrious food festival and do justice to such beautiful produce.”

Vegan wraps by Deborah Durrant – photo Dawn Langley

Deborah trained at the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in Santa Monica California and the renowned Demuths Vegetarian Cookery School in Bath and holds a Diploma in Advanced Raw and Living Cuisine and Advanced Vegan Cookery. Deborah also holds a Certificate in Patisserie from Ashburton Cookery School.

Chef Deborah is one of the very few people in the world to have completed Matthew’s Professional Applications programme. Often hailed as one of the world’s leading plant-based chefs who is working with Michelin starred restaurants from Japan to Dubai and Paris. Matthew Kenney Cuisine now operates plant-based restaurants in 10 cities internationally. Deborah worked at one of Matthew restaurants in Maine after her training and she can proudly say that she has trained with the best.

A little on her philosophy

“This is for people who love food, who want to eat healthily yet don’t want to compromise on taste.

It is for people who want to increase the amount of flavourful raw, living and minimally processed plant based and botanical food with all the healthfulness and deliciousness well and truly left in.

We prepare food because we need to put sustenance on the table. However really delicious food can move beyond physical sustenance to emotional and physical wellbeing and make life far more pleasurable.

Simply put, we feel better when we eat this way.”

Tree nut cheeses and edible flowers

So, what is Raw Food?

Raw Veganism is a form of eating that only uses fruits and vegetables in their raw form and transforming them by either blending or mixing. There is no cooking, baking, or heating above 45 degrees involved.

Since the food is heated very little, if at all, it preserves the amazing flavour bombs that locally grown Hampshire produce can offer. This prevents loss of nutrients and results in superior flavour profiles that showcase the outstanding quality of good ingredients.

What’s on the menu?

The 5-course menu features plant based produce in a very innovative and new way. You will taste the most extraordinary flavours and discover some amazing local produce. This is not just for vegetarians and vegans – this is something for anyone who is interested in their food and where it comes from! 

A flavour of what might be on the menu could include carpaccio of tomatoes, fermented gooseberries, Wallops Wood piccalilli, red pepper chilli sorbet and fennel ice cream and fermented garlic roulade !

The menu will showcase the best of Hampshire seasonal produce and is subject to change according to local availability. Please be aware that the menu does contain nuts.’

Diners will be offered a range of drink options, from water, to apple juice, plant based cordials and sparkling wines from Hambledon Vineyard which are vegan wines.

Local producers whose ingredients will be used for the event include Hambledon Wines, Isle of Wight garlic and freshly pressed apple juice from Hillfarm Juice. More to join us.

Summer Feast pop up event at Wallops Wood