Our Accessible Holiday Cottages

Meadow at Wallops Wood

The cottages at Wallops Wood were designed to be welcoming to all, regardless of age or ability. Many features were designed and built in for our accessible guests, but without compromising on style or comfort. In fact much of our accessible design is barely noticeable to our guests, but it makes a big difference to…

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Local Country Parks in Hampshire

Queen Elizabeth Country Park

If you like to spend time outdoors while on holiday and enjoy long walks, exploring the countryside and getting out into nature, then along with the beautiful countryside surrounding us, we have several country parks within a 30 minute drive.  In Hampshire, we’re lucky to have countryside and open spaces close to our busy towns…

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Local Attractions for Animal Lovers

Alpacas in the Meon Valley just doen the road form Wallops Wood

If spending time with animals is your thing, there are several places local to Wallops Wood where you can get quite close or even hands on. Spending time with animals will definitely put a smile on the children’s faces and can make you feel closer to nature, making it a fantastic family day out 🦋 🦉 The…

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FREE Activities for Families

Yes, you read that right, FREE 🤩 We’re often used to having to pay to go to attractions and to go on family activities while on holiday, but in fact there’s a whole lot that you can do for free that everyone will enjoy.  We’ve put together an assortment of activities that won’t cost you a thing,…

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